10 Rabbits Who Are Not Ready For 2016

Rabbits can have just as much trouble getting things done year to year as people do. No, really!

"Did I hear you say it's 2016 already?" webandi/Pixabay

By Eden Strong

I don’t know about you, but 2016 snuck up on me. I mean seriously, I swear it was only like 12 days (months!?) ago that I was pretending I knew the words to “Auld Lang Syne” and singing along with my friends at the stroke of midnight.

I was excited for 2015 because I had big plans. Oh yes, there were things that I was going to accomplish (eating healthier), things that I was going to do (stop eating so much junk food), and goals that I was going to master (several of the scarier looking machines at the gym). So like I said, I had big plans — plans that turned out to be nothing more than plans. And I have to say, I don’t think this was totally my fault, because who one earth can accomplish all of that in like 12 days (months?).

2015 was way too short and just like these little rabbits, 2016 totally snuck up on me before I was ready.

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In fact, in looking back at 2015, this is basically what the year looked like for me, and I’ll show you with a little assist from some cute rabbits who probably also can’t believe another year is gone.

1. Housework — I promised to do some. Do some, I did not. Like this rabbit, I chose another path.

2. I almost reached my goal of getting up early enough that I would have a few minutes to read the paper before work, except that I never quite accomplished the “staying awake” part. I know this rabbit can relate!

3. I also assured myself that in 2015 I would get up early enough to pull myself together and not show up to breakfast meetings looking like someone off of “The People of Walmart” website, but tragically that did not happen. Munch on, little rabbit, I’m right there with you.

4. Speaking of breakfast, portion control was never something that I learned to actually control in 2015, and I still spent the majority of my meals eating until I felt like I was going to pass out, just like this bunny!

5. In fact, my late night snacking habits didn’t curb at all! I see myself in this naughty rabbit.

6. I tried to work out a little bit more, but mastering the art of yoga was much harder than it looked. I really do think that the “downward dog” pose should be left to the dogs. And yoga for rabbits? Even more difficult.

7. In fact the one thing that I did manage to accomplish was to find a new hairstyle. I won’t say that it’s a good hairstyle, but I did manage to find one; one that I hope to replace in 2016. Perhaps I need to look to rabbits for inspiration.

8. Unfortunately my biggest regret is that I never did find the time (or money) for that beach vacation I was hoping to take. Instead my friends and I sat around all winter complaining about the snow. I wonder where rabbits dream of vacationing.

9. Speaking of friends, I promised myself that if I went to any more social functions with dancing, that I would actually join in and dance. And then each time I went I promised myself that I would do it… next time. It looks like one of these rabbits needs help getting a binky going.

10. Well, at least I’ll have a chance to rectify that because 2016 is here and there’s plenty of time in a year to get all of that done, right? I mean there’s like 12 whole months (days?) before 2017 comes and it’s not like it’s going to sneak up on me or anything.

So if you will excuse me now, I need to go buy a calendar.

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