11 DIY Holiday Gifts For Dogs

Give your dog a homemade gift this holiday.

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All you need is a pair of festive socks to make a doggy doughnut. Via Pretty Fluffy
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The holidays are a great time to spoil your canine companion (as if you needed an excuse). That being said, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on presents for your dog. Instead, you can make a gift with items you might already have on hand or that you can buy for a few bucks from the store.

Below are 11 do-it-yourself gifts your dog is sure to love. Some require a little more skill than others, but most of the projects are suitable for beginners. So roll up those sleeves and give your favorite four-legged friend something from the heart — not from your wallet — this Christmas or Hanukkah. Happy holidays!

1. Crinkly Bottle Toy

Bottle toy via Ammo the Dachshund

Does your dog like crinkly sounds? This super-easy DIY project from Ammo the Dachshund will satisfy him. Wrap an empty water bottle up in a piece of an old sheet, braid the end pieces and voilà — new toy. Don’t have an old sheet? How about putting the bottle into an old sock and tying the end off. Everyone has at least one sock that is missing its mate, right?

Get the instructions here.

2. Dog Teepee

Give your dog a private place to call his own this holiday season. Lifestyle blogger and YouTube channel host Ann Le shows you how to make an adorable teepee out of a few wooden dowels, a drop cloth and some rope. During the spring and summer, take it outside to give your dog a nice shady place to nap.

Get the instructions here.

3. Interactive Dog Feeder Toy

Interactive dog feeder via DogTipper

Interactive feeders are great because they stimulate your dog’s mind and make him work for his food. This one from Paris Permenter and John Bigley of DogTipper.com is made by drilling holes in to PVC pipe — just be sure you file down the holes so there are no sharp edges. Fill with some kibble and watch your dog figure out how to roll it around in order to get the kibble to come out.

Get the instructions here.

4. Woven Platform Dog Bed

Caitlin of the blog Wouldn’t It Be Lovely made this bed for her 175-pound Mastiff, Truman, who loves to do about 20 circles before crashing down to take a nap. It’s pricey at about $80 for the materials. But according to Caitlin, the bed is able to stand up against wear and tear from a large dog breed, which to some of you dog owners out there, can be priceless.

Get the instructions here.

5. Donut Dog Toy

Sock donuts via Pretty Fluffy

These toys look store-bought but are made from socks! Sarah Dickerson of Pretty Fluffy got the idea for making dog toys out of socks from her grandfather, who made one for her dog Coco years ago. “When Coco was just a pup we went to my grandparents house for a visit,” she wrote on the site. “We didn’t have any toys with us to keep her busy and she quickly became bored. My grandpa, being the sweet man he is, went to his bedroom and came out with a sock. Within seconds he made her a donut and she didn’t put it down the rest of the visit.” Who knew socks were so versatile?

Get the instructions here.

6. Upcycled End Table Dog Bed

End table dog bed via 86 Lemons

Instead of throwing out an old end table, turn it into a dog bed. Livvy of 86 Lemons got this one from an estate sale for $15 but the concept could work for just about any end table. You could take the top off, but Livvy chose to keep the top on so it could still work as a table. It’s perfect for smaller apartments where space is limited.

Get the instructions here.

7. Pet Bowl Stand

Dog bowl stand via Centsational Girl

Elevated pet food dishes are supposed to help aid in pet’s digestion. This DIY project from the blog Centsational Girl requires a little more skill than some of the other projects on the list, but if you don’t feel comfortable using a jig saw to create the legs, you can probably skip that part and simply screw some 4 x 4s on instead. Plus, it’s completely customizable. You can adjust the height depending on the size of your dog and paint it to match your home’s décor.

Get the instructions here.

8. No-Sew Dog Bed

No-sew dog bed via Sara Aguilar/Petcha

No sewing skills? No problem. This simple pet bed requires no sewing. All you need is a pillow, two large pieces of fabric and scissors.

Get the instructions here.

9. Squeaky Dog Toy

DIY squeaker toy via Laura Griffin Designs

Dog toys can get expensive, especially if you have a dog who loves to tear them up to get the squeaker out. Rather than buying a new toy each time, Laura Griffin of the blog Laura Griffin Designs decided to give the old squeakers a new life – recycling them inside new, handmade toys.

Get the instructions here.

10. Treat-Dispensing Tennis Ball

Treat-dispensing tennis ball via Instrcutables

It really doesn’t get much easier than this. Cut a slit into a tennis ball and add a few treats. Watch your dog go to town trying to get the treats out.

Get the instructions here.

11. T-Shirt Throw Toy

Throw toy via Petcha.com

This DIY throw toy is super simple to make and will result in hours of playtime for your dog. All you need are three T-shirts and scissors.

Get the instructions here.

Be sure to supervise your dog’s playtime and get rid of any toys that are falling apart – you don’t want your dog to swallow anything harmful.

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