13 Holiday Gift Ideas For Cats (And One For You)

We've rounded up gift items your cats will love to snuggle up to, stretch across or rabbit kick this holiday and beyond.

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Pets can’t write letters to Santa — no thumbs! — so it’s up to us to gather ideas for great gifts. Luckily, there are lots of options.

Here are 13 ideas for cat gifts this holiday season. While we’re at it, we’re adding ourselves to the giving and the getting with a present idea for pet people.

1. Mini Camp Teepees

Good for cats, and even kids, this cute hide-away gives pets some personal space within your home. Find different sizes for your particular pet, even if you have a hedgehog.

Buy it here.

2. Original Kitty Cot

Dubbed “The World’s Best Cat Window Perch,” this shelf attaches to most windows and provides a scenic perch for your cats. And no one loves that more than kitties. Made in the United States and humane society approved.

Buy it here.

3. Catit Feeders And Fountains

Via Catit

Cats are complex. They need a little mental stimulation to keep their active brains occupied and not planning acts of destruction. Adding an interactive element to their regular eating/drinking routine helps. Catit feeders and fountains shake up those humdrum feeding sessions.

Buy it here.

4. Crate & Barrel Black Stripe Cat Bowl

Want to match your pet’s accessories with your home’s contemporary interior design? We have good news. Crate & Barrel this year debuted their pet collection. It features toys, beds, mats and food dishes, like this one, above.

Buy it here.

5. Lurvig Cat House On Legs with Pad

Via Ikea

Want to match your pet’s accessories etc. etc. but on more of a budget? Look no further than Ikea, which also introduced a pet line in 2017. You’ll find dishes, litter boxes, collars, leashes and some very cute beds, including this elevated cubby that we know our cats would jump at the chance to occupy. Some assembly required, we’re sure.

Buy it here.

6. Polydactyl Cats Toys

There’s so much to love about these cute and creative toys that cats go wild for. They come in the shape of hot sauce packets, popcorn, fortune cookies, tacos and sugar packets — stuff you would most likely not give your cat otherwise. Now they have a chance to enjoy them! All toys are handmade in the United States with organic catnip.

Buy it here.

7. P.L.A.Y. Beds And Tunnels

Handmade of recycled material, the beds by P.L.A.Y. come in several shapes, sizes and patterns, and look kind of luxurious in that minky material. There seriously might be a style to match every home. Take a look and see!

Buy it here.

8. Modkat Litter Box

Via Modkat

All right, so you might not have considered paying more than $10 for a litter box, but there’s a lot to be said for a more upscale model. The Modkat litter box offers several advantages: the top-entry design cuts down on litter scattering outside of the box and the sleek look makes the necessary-but-unseemly cat bathroom less of an eyesore. Now in new colors.

Buy it here.

9. Feline Yogi Cat Yoga Mat

Cat got your yoga? Take back your mat by getting kitty a mat of her own. It’s likely to be a hit with any cat exercise, including kick-the-catnip-banana (see below). Made in the United States, the company donates a portion of proceeds to help homeless cats.

Buy it here.

10. Yeowww! Catnip Toys

While this company that prides itself on its organic catnip has several toys, there’s one that’s almost a guaranteed slam dunk with your cats: the catnip banana. We think the new butterflies are sweet and the Christmas stockings are cute, we know what our cats would have their eyes on. All toys handmade in the United States.

Click here to buy the Yeowww! Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana and click here to buy the Yeowww Catnip Tub, 2-Ounce.

11. Thundershirt

Why not bring your cat some real comfort and joy this season? Try a Thundershirt, a compression vest that eases your cat’s anxiety. With all the hubbub around holidays, kitty might like a break in a calming swaddle. Made in the United States and comes in small, medium and large.

Buy it here.

12. H3 Essentials Cat Treats

Add your cat to the guest list for your holiday meal. Give them a side dish of these freeze-dried snacks that put your tiny carnivore’s favorite meals in bite-sized pieces. All treats are made in the United States.

Buy it here.

13. MeowBox

Here’s a gift that keeps on giving. The monthly subscription box delivers toys and treats for your cat to enjoy. Bonus: Everything comes inside a real, live cardboard box that they can also enjoy.

Buy it here.

14. Cat Lady Box

Finally, a subscription box we can get behind. Cat Lady Box comes in two options: one just for you and one with items both for you and your cat. From a look at past monthly hauls, Cat Lady Box never fails to deliver. The company helps strays in need by donating a portion of its profits.

Buy it here.

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