16 Dogs Who Will Steal Your Heart This Valentine’s Day

Don’t have a Valentine this year? No problem. Here are 16 dogs begging to be yours this Valentine’s Day.

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Hey girl, happy Valentine's Day. Via dogsthatmush/Instagram
Stephanie Brown

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day. And there is no love more pure than the love of a dog.

Dogs just want to make us happy. They love us unconditionally. They make us laugh. They’re always there for us. They are the best Valentines ever.

Whether or not you are already taken this Valentine’s Day, these dogs are sure to steal your heart.

1. This Dog Who Wants All Your Kisses

Shut up and take our money.

2. This Dog Who Went All Out To Win You Over

Anything for you.

3. This Dog Who Bought You A Beautiful Bouquet Because You Are Beautiful

And don’t you forget it!

4. This Dog Whose Tail Wags Only For You

This dog may be young, but he’s clearly already a master of the pickup line.

5. This Dog Who Wants To Give You Her Heart

Take my heart but please don’t break pop it.

6. This Dog Who Is The Strong-Silent Type

Don’t let the stern facade fool you. He’s sensitive and loves to snuggle!

7. This Dog Who Is Scoring Big Points With Pizza

We’ll take that with extra cheese, please.

8. This Dog Who Believes In True Love

And has the cutest crooked little smile.

9. This Dog Who Knows You Can’t Resist Those Puppy Dog Eyes

No fair! Nobody can resist puppy dog eyes.

10. This Dog Who Will Thaw Your Cold Heart

Will you accept this rose?

11. This Dog Who Tells You Exactly What He Wants

No guessing games here.

12. This Dog Who Knows Good Things Come In Small Packages

Via refinedk9llc/Instagram

He may be little, but his heart is big.

13. These Dogs Who Are A Package Deal

Two Pug Valentines are better than one.

14. This Dog Who Is Ready To Commit

Yes! A thousands times yes!

15. This Dog Who’s Not Afraid To Tell The Whole World How He Feels

The chalk is temporary, but his love is forever.

16. This Dapper Dog Who Is The Perfect Gentleman


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