20 Cats Who Instantly Regret Their Decisions

We've all had those moments, and so have these cats.

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"Little help?" Via fantalemon/Imgur

If you ask a cat person if cats are smarter than dogs, they will undoubtedly say “yes.” That’s hard to argue with when the air surrounding most felines seems to be filled with their attentive observations, amazing agility and a light behind their eyes that lets you know they are thinking (or plotting) about everything going on.

But then there are those cats who give meaning to the song “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other,” and these are examples of them. Here are the cats who give cats a bad name because they instantly regretted a less than well-thought-out idea, therefore shaming their entire species.

1. This Cat Who Tried To Take A Shortcut

“Well you see I was just trying to… I was just gonna… I MEANT TO DO THAT.”

2. This Cat Who Wanted To Be “Sno-Cap” Candy

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“You said the dog was sweet, so I thought I’d try to up my game!”

3. This Cat Who Tried To Climb A Lamp

“But I just wanted to touch it!” says every cat in trouble everywhere.

4. This Cat Who Picked The Wrong Bag To Curl Up In

Bags are made for transporting things, but I’m not sure that was what this cat had in mind.

5. This Cat Who Failed At Jumping

Cat, if you are going to jump, first make sure you know how, because what we have here, is a failure to launch.

6. This Cat Who Just Wanted To Look Out The Window

“The dog did it.”

7. This Cat Who Went To School

Lesson topic for the day: gravity.

8. This Cat Who Had A Bit Of A Drinking Problem

Who needs caffeine when you can start your day with a heart attack?

9. This Cat Who Took A Fashion Risk

The price one pays for being a trendsetter.

10. This Cat Who Tried On These Shoes

“Apparently I can’t pull this fashion statement off like I thought I could… literally.”

11. This Cat Who Dreamt Of Being A Snow Leopard

“Nothing to see here, move along.”

12. This Cat Who Wasn’t Very Considerate

Ever treat someone like they aren’t even there, and then it comes back to bite you in the butt?

13. This Cat Who Picked On Someone Smaller

“Next time, I’ll just pick on someone my own size.”

14. This Cat Who Did Not Read The Instructions First

Life preserver: You’re doing it wrong.

15. This Cat Who Trusted The Wrong Person

“Human, you had one job!”

16. These Cats Who Did Not Properly Secure Their Ladder

That’s what you get for trying to remove the mattress tag.

 17. This Cat Who Forgot To Look Behind Him

“Wait, there’s TWO?!”

18. This Cat Who Had A Bad Plan To Begin With

“Don’t judge me, I need glasses.”

19. This Cat Who Partied A Little Too Hard Last Night

“Just act natural… It’s cool, I’m fine!”

20. This Cat Who Regrets Being Nosy

“This is how it all ends.”

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