20 Cats Who Are Totally Obsessed With Christmas Trees

These cats just want to play on Christmas trees, no matter how big of a mess they leave behind.

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"This is now my playground." Via Daniel Dudek/Flickr
Chrissa Hardy

When Christmas rolls around, cats everywhere seem to get extremely excited. Not for the catnip treats that will be placed in their stockings, or the arrival of jolly old St. Nick, but for the presence of the Christmas tree.

Cats. Love. Christmas trees.

Can you blame them? A brightly-lit, tall remnant from the woods is brought into the house, covered in dangly baubles, and we somehow expect them not to attack it?

Some folks have attempted to protect their trees from cats, but most of us can count on focused felines using our Christmas trees as a temporary playground during the holiday season.

Even though it almost always ends in an absolute mess, cats attacking and playing with Christmas trees sure is cute. Here are 20 cats who want nothing more than to climb all over their owners’ Christmas trees.

1. The Angelic Snoozer

“Look into my sweet, innocent eyes and tell me you really want me to jump down from my perch.”

2. The Hunter

“I see you over there, twinkling occasionally like a flashy jerk. I will defeat you, fancy tree.”

3. The String Light Demolisher

“You can’t expect me to sit here and let that strand of brightness hang from the branch without vigorously ripping it down. Be reasonable.”

4. The Hide-And-Seeker

“I found the perfect spot for snoozing. Deliver my food to this branch. I live here now.”

5. The One Who Got Stuck

*Record scratch*

*Freeze frame*

“Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.”

6. The Spontaneous Swatter

“This gold ball has been getting on my nerves so you know what?!”

*Swat, swat, swat*

“OK, I feel better now. What’s for dinner?”

7. The Happy Napper

“I don’t know what’s wrong with these kittens today. Always attacking Christmas trees. Find a warm spot under the glowing lights and just nap your troubles away.”

8. The Bold Climber

“Ah, good call putting this big box here, human. Now I can reach the high branches with all the super fragile ornaments!”

9. The Thoughtful Observer

“You see, in order to defeat your enemies, you need to understand what makes them tick. Then, you use it against them.”

10. The Frustrated Relaxer

“You’re interrupting my Christmas nap for this? ANOTHER Instagram photo? Ugh.”

11. The Wholesome Watcher

“Why would anyone want to attack this breathtaking, decorative piece of nature? I look at it… and I have no words.”

12. The Frantic Fighter


13. The Curious Climber

“Oh… am I not allowed to do this? Seriously?”

14. The Cool Cucumber

“Yeah. I woke up like this. Now can I go back to sleep?”

15. The Introspective Spectator

“When I was your age, we would walk to the local forest and climb all the trees. It was uphill, both ways.”

16. The Bauble Boxer

“What’s that? I look super cute? OK, I’ll keep bopping this gold ball until you reward me with more treats.”

17. The Toothy Adversary

“LOL you thought I was just gonna sit here and stare at this glowing monstrosity? You. Thought. Wrong.”

18. The Sneaky Peeker

“Oh. You’re back…. I wasn’t gonna knock your tree over. I would never do that.”

19. The Gift Guard

“These are all for me, yes? Don’t worry. I won’t let anyone touch them. Not even you.”

20. The Late Escaper

“Was that an earthquake… or… OH GOD WE’RE GOING DOWN I’M OUT OF HERE.”

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