23 Wiener Dogs Ready For Halloween

Happy Hallowiener to you and yours. Meet some dashing Dachshunds ready for the big day.

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If the costume fits, wear it. Via charliethemini/Instagram
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Do you love Halloween? We do, too. While you’re looking around at all the clever costumes on enthusiastic trick-or-treaters and cool ghouls on home decorations, don’t forget to look down. There, at about ankle-height, you’ll see some of the best-dressed celebrators of the season: Dachshunds in costumes.

We’ve rounded up a few favorite examples of long-bodied doggos decked out in their Halloween best. From super heroes to fairy tale characters to the most perfect pairing ever — Dachshunds in hot dog costumes — you’ll find several sausage-shaped mascots for the season.

1. Gypsy

We want to see this dog’s belly dance.

2. Construction Workers

"When you need to get a job done, just hire dachshunds! ??" ~ Crusoe Tag a friend who should hire help!

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This is a hard-hat and short-leg area only.

3. Yoda

Dress up or dress not, there is no try.

4. Sea Captain

Ahoy, weenies!

5. Little Red Riding Hood Granny

My what floppy ears you have, Granny.

6. Chia Pet


7. Shark

This one’s taking a big bite out of our hearts.

8. Martini

You gotta really own that cone.

9. Elephant

An elephant never forgets to be adorable.

10. Candy Bar

We want to visit the house where they’re handing out these.

11. Dinosaur

“You’ve got a T. Rex??”

12. Piglet

There are no words…

13. Ewok

Yub nub.

14. Farmer

Good luck with your treat harvest!

15. Giraffe

Living out those height dreams.

16. Cinderella

Has to finish trick-or-treating by 12.

17. Alligator

Ween on the Bayou.

18. Jager Bomb

Jäger Bomb Winning 2nd Place!!

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As powerful as the drink.

19. Lobster

#dachshunds #dachshundcostume #doxiecostume #halloweendachshund

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Nobody is allergic to this super cute shellfish.

20. Superman

#superweiner #DachshundCity #dachshundsofinstagram #dachshundcostume

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Doxie of steel.

21. Devil

Can't help but say she is the cutest!! #dachshund #dachshundcostume #puppyhalloween

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If this is what hell looks like, sign us up.

22. Skunk

Say it, don’t spray it.

23. Hot Dog

There are too many to count, not that that is a problem. We love the perfect combo that is hot dog dogs.

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