9 Bull Terriers Who Are Total Meatheads

Chances are your Bull Terrier can bench more than you.

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"All protein, all the time." Via rafaelmantesso/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

Bull Terriers are among the most muscular dog breeds. They are lean and athletic canines with visible muscle tone, which they don’t mind flexing for you once in a while.

Bullies, as they are affectionately known, are highly energetic and playful — loving exercise more than the next dog! So, if you’re about to lace up and hit the gym, chances are your Bully will grab their bag and come with you.

Here are nine Bull Terriers who love to train.

1. This one is really into CrossFit.

“Grab a rope! Let’s go!”

2. This one guilt-trips you when you decide to sleep in on arm day.

“You’re not going to look like me by being lazy, Tom.”

3. This one fully resists the enticing aroma of pepperoni pizza.

“Sometimes you have to tempt yourself to see how strong you are.”

4. This one even jumps in the pool for an extra metabolism booster.

“It’s sink or swim, ladies. Get in!”

5. This one always wears a sweat suit.

“You have to keep warm when you get your burn on.”

6. This one practically lives in the gym.

“Are you going to just stand there? Or, are you going to grab some weights?”

7. This one recognizes the value of good nutrition.

“Gotta get that potassium!”

8. This one is super proud of his trainees.

“These svelte canines are doing everything to get bikini body ready!”

9. At least this one knows the importance of a rest day.

“Let’s get our rest on and get back to the gym tomorrow, brah.”

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