90-Year-Old Woman Forgoes Cancer Treatment To See Country With ‘Granddog,’ Last Of Her Family

The Driving Miss Norma adventure comes with lots of photos and plenty of smiles.

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Seeing the country via RV is how Ringo and his “grandma” Miss Norma have spent the last six months or so. Via Driving Miss Norma/Facebook

Road trips are the adventures from which memories are made. And the best kind includes family — both the human and four-legged kind.

When, within three days last summer, Norma Bauerschmidt was diagnosed with uterine cancer and lost her husband of 67 years, she made an end-of-life decision to see the country in her son Tim’s RV instead of seeking treatment. And since her only son and family member lives in the RV with his wife, Ramie, and their furry “son,” Ringo the dog, the trio became a quartet and Bauerschmidt’s Golden Years trek began.

The group left Northern Michigan about six months ago and have seen more than the average vacationer. From the Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks in Wyoming to Roswell, New Mexico, and Arizona’s Grand Canyon — to name only a few stops — Ringo has done his part to make sure his “grandma” enjoys what may certainly become the time of her life.

Follow along with their journey on the Facebook page Driving Miss Norma. Here are some highlights from the trip so far:

1. Roswell, New Mexico

They believe!

2. Vidalia, Louisiana

Miss Norma and Ringo four-wheeling on their way to the riverwalk.

3. Beaufort, South Carolina

Miss Norma, Tim and Ringo take a break from the motor home in Downtown Beaufort.

4. Savannah, Georgia

Taking in the scenery at the Historic Savannah Carriage Tours.

5. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

A moment of silence for one of the world’s best known natural wonders.

6. Mitchell, South Dakota

Here, corn is king.

7. Loveland, Colorado

Just doing a little grazing with some new friends at Benson Sculpture Garden.

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