Adventure Filmmaker And His Cat Sidekick Explore The Great Outdoors Together

This adventure filmmaker takes his cat with him on all his travels, and they make quite the bad-ass pair.

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Quite the dynamic duo. Via JJ Yosh/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Cats are independent creatures. They like doing things their own way, on their own schedules. So trying to turn your cat into a travel buddy, and forcing them to follow your lead, seems like a near-impossible task. But Simon is the tremendous exception to this rule. Simon the cat travels with his owner, JJ Yosh, who is a travel vlogger and adventure filmmaker. They have been to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Nevada, California and Tennessee. They hike together. They rock climb together. They kayak together. And they camp out in the same sleeping bag together.  


  Training Simon, now about 17 months old, to become an adventure kitty took some time and patience, of course, but Yosh was more than up to the challenge. "I literally started taking Simon outside on a hike two days after I received him," Yosh told us. "He didn't have a harness so I was worried he would run away, but luckily he followed me on the hike. His first hike was about a half mile and then I carried him the other 1 1/2 miles. He was really tired." Yosh said that even though Simon grew up in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado (where they both live when they aren't on the road), he was still put through a "Kitty Boot Camp." "On his first weeks of my care, he went through rigorous training hikes with me," he said. "Each day I would slowly up the mileage."

When they aren't on the road, Yosh says Simon's favorite outdoor activity is "chasing grasshoppers in the open field and eating grass. When we go on hikes this is all he wants to do. It can slow us down quite a bit, if you can imagine." Simon has also become quite the skilled climber. "He can climb pretty hard rock grades that I can't even climb. I would say his climbing abilities are really impressive," Yosh said. Yosh's favorite outdoor activity with Simon, however, involves less grasshoppers and more water. "Kayaking is my favorite activity now to do with Simon." Yosh said. "He is one helluva a swimmer. When we kayak, sometimes he jumps into the water."

There's no doubt Simon is a one-of-a-kind kitteh, and Yosh had endless praise for his furry travel buddy. "I think what amazes me about Simon is how tolerant he is to my crazy antics," Yosh told Petcha. "Most cats are skittish, Simon loves crowds of people. When I take him to large events he doesn't shy away. When I have parties he's the center of attention. I love that quality about him."

We love Simon, too!

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