Airlines That Will You Let You Fly With A Pet Bird

Carry on your bird!

Some airlines allow birds in the cabin, while others don’t. Via Toukou Sousui/Flickr

Today, many people choose to travel by air for its speed and convenience, so it? not surprising that more and more birds are showing up in the cabin. Bird breeders also use the airlines to ship young birds to their new homes, although these birds often ride in the cargo area.

Regulations regarding birds on domestic flights vary by airline. Below is a list of bird-friendly airlines as well as those that do not accept pet birds. This is a general list, so some restrictions might apply. For example, some airlines only allow birds as big as a cockatiel while others will allow macaw-sized birds as long as you bring five or less on board with you. Check with the airline before booking your flight. It? also likely that you?l have to pay extra for your bird to accompany you on board, and the only certain carrier cages meet airline regulations.

OK in Cabin (some restrictions apply)

  • Alaska
  • Continental
  • Delta
  • United
  • Northwest
  • US Air
  • America West

No Go

  • Southwest – no birds
  • Frontier – no birds
  • Jet Blue ?no birds 
  • American Airlines not in cabin, but in cargo

If you’ve heard of change with one of these or another airline, please let us know by contacting us

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