15 Animals Who Look Like Food

Maybe we're hungry, but these dogs and cats and birds look like cinnamon rolls and sundaes.

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How did this cinnamon roll get into the cat tree? Via EmergencyKittens/Twitter
Anastasia Thrift

Feeling hungry? Then you should read this later. Because all the little Fidos and Fluffies we’re about to show you look like bagels and muffins.

Here are 15 animals who look an awfully lot like food.

1. Soft Serve Cat

Just chilling.

2. Woofin’ Muffin

Via Imgur

Chewy chihuahua.

3. Croissant Shar Peis

Pass the butter, and the puppy.

4. Sundae Kitty

Caramel coated cuteness.

5. Little Loafer

This cat is bready for you.

6. Drumstick Please

Who you calling chicken?

7. Chicken-Doodles

Bucket o’ fun.

8. Puppy Bagels

We can’t tell the difference.

9. Psychedelic Salad

Lettuce comes alive.

10. Baked Ginger

Don’t slice, or tear off pieces.

11. Twisted Ginger

Yet another baked good that should come with a warning.

12. Potent Potato

Already peeled.

13. Super Sushi

This cat’s on a roll.

14. Toasty Doggy

Both good at campfires.

15. Pug Bread

Good enough to eat. Or cuddle.

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