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Jennifer has always had a passion for dogs. Not only did she grow up in a family of dog lovers, but she's always been drawn to working with dogs. During her college years, Jennifer worked for a large boarding kennel in her hometown. She also volunteered for Amigos de las Americas where she spent the summer vaccinating dogs against rabies in the Andes of Ecuador. In 1992, Jennifer brought home her first Rottweiler, Greta, who was purchased from a responsible breeder. As part of the purchase, Jennifer agreed to take Greta to training classes and to earn her AKC Companion Dog Obedience Title (CD). She soon obtained that title and became an assistant trainer at the school where she trained Greta.

Eventually Jennifer decided to turn her passion into her profession, earning Certified Professional Dog Trainer Certification from the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers ( and opening up her Business L’Chaim Canine.

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