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Rita's feline behavior counseling and pet sitting services are sought after by many Hollywood celebrities, and she has helped countless cats remain happy and safe in their forever homes. Her feline behavior counseling services are offered through her company, The Cat Analyst. She is also owner and CEO of Just For Cats Pet Sitting, operating in Beverly Hills, California, as Cats 90210 Los Angeles Cat Sitting. Just For Cats Pet Sitting recently opened an office in Charlotte, North Carolina, called Charlotte Cat Sitting. An avid supporter of animal rescue, Rita is a regular volunteer and cat foster parent for The Humane Society of Lancaster, South Carolina. Her mother, Mary Reimers, is the founding president.

After suffering the sudden death of her beloved Sadie, Rita shared her grief in her book Sadie's Heart: Loving and Losing Our Feline Companions. She is busy writing her next book, "Oh Behave! The Cat Analyst's Approach to Feline Behavior Correction." Rita has also been featured in CAT FANCY, CATS USA ANNUAL and KITTENS USA ANNUAL.

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