Beautiful Snakehead Species From India Described

The snakehead is a striking purplish blue in coloration with beautiful white fin colors.

Channa pardalis. Via Paul Jones/Youtube

A species of snakehead from Northeastern India has been described and it is definitely on the beautiful side, as species from the Channa genus go. Channa pardalis, described in the Journal of Threatened Taxa is purplish blue in coloration with white tipped dorsal, anal and caudal fins. It has an estimated size of about 10 inches in length, though the holotype was just five inches in length.

Snakeheads in the United States are considered invasive species as they have been found in many bodies of water throughout much of the country.


These snakeheads, of which four species have been found in the U.S. are usually very large and are voracious eaters, often decimating native fish populations. Folks do however keep certain species of snakehead. They are often called monster fish because they grow very large and are efficient predators.

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