African Ring-Necked Parakeet

African Ring-Necked Parakeet

African ring-necked parakeets are affectionate birds that needs enough attention to keep it from getting bored, but enough independence to spend time alone on a play gym. African ring-necked parakeets are shy and quieter than Indian ring-necked parakeets. They need to be handled and socialized often when young in order to keep them tame. African ring-necked parakeets enjoy bathing with their owners while staying on a shower perch to catch drops of water. They make good companions that can be taught to snuggle and perform elaborate tricks.

Behavior / Health Concerns

African ring-necked parakeets enjoy a diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, pellets, parrot seed mixtures, cuttlebone and fresh water. Both the male and female are primarily light green with a greenish-yellow hue on the under parts. The male has a black stripe across the mandible that circles the neck and extends to its rose pink collar washed with a light blue. Male African ring-necked parakeets also have a light blue and thin black line across the beak and to the eyes. Females lack the rose pink collar, blue on the neck and the thin black mandible stripe. Instead of a black ring, found on the males, the females have a light green collar and only a hint of the black line leading to the eyes.

Expert Advice

There is currently no expert advice on this bird species.

Breed Details

Native Region:
Small, up to 9 inches
Life Expectancy:
up to 50 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability:
Moderate; can learn to talk if taught young and likes to learn new tricks