Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

This Georgia-born bulldog takes its name from the Alapaha River region, where it was developed to work livestock and guard property. Alapaha Blue Bloods are possessive and attentive. They’re protective of their people and property and establish their territory at a young age. The dogs demand attention, and are not suitable for kennel situations, preferring the role of companion. These bulldogs are athletic and intelligent. Training is recommended at an early age. The Alapaha Blue Blood is devoted to its family and suspicious of strangers. Males stand approximately 24 inches at the shoulder and weigh 80 to 95 pounds; females weigh 50 to 65 pounds.

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Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Large Dog Breed
Blue/grey to black or tan to dark brown

Double coat of medium length desirable; dense outer coat, downy undercoat.

AKC Group:
Males 22 to 25 inches at withers; females 20 to 23 inches
Males: 80-95 pounds; females: 50-65 pounds
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