American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is a short-tailed cat, with a medium to large frame. Its tail should be clearly visible above the back when the cat is alert, not exceeding the hock in length. The American Bobtail is an excellent example of breed development through natural selection — a completely domestic cat with no wild strains in its background. Affectionate and gentle, this young American will soon capture your heart..

Breed Details

A spotted or ticked brown tabby pattern is dominant. All colors and patterns have been found, including points with or without markings.

Minimal. Whether medium or long, coat does not mat.

Best Home:

Great with all members of the family, including children.


Playful, patient, attentive, masters tricks easily.


Wedge-shaped head, high cheekbones, large oval almond eyes, brawny and athletic body, heavy boning, hind legs slightly longer than front and short tails 1" to 6" in length.