American Wirehair

The American Wirehair sports an exceptional coat, as each hair is bent or hooked, producing a dense, springy coat, with whiskers of the same texture. This breed was developed from the American Shorthair, so apart from the coat, the two display many similarities. From barn to show arenas, these rough-coated felines will hook your fancy.

Breed Details

The breed standard accepts all colors and patterns, except those showing evidence of hybridization, resulting in chocolate, lavender, the colorpoint pattern or those combinations with white.

American Wirehairs are wash-and-wear cats. Wash them gently with a mild cat shampoo, rinse thoroughly, lightly towel dry and turn them loose. Do not use dryers or combs on the wirehair coat. During shedding season, use a fine hair pick to keep the dead hair from clumping

Best Home:

An adaptable breed.


Loving and people-oriented, American Wirehairs like to be in the middle of all you do. Each needs one-on-one time. They love playing with anything from shoestrings to fancy toys and can create a toy from a clump of dust or a wad of paper. If these playful clowns can't get your attention immediately, they will work their magic until you notice. At a young age they often learn to give head butts, hugs and kisses. Wirehairs sense their human companions' moods and are always there to offer comfort.


Outcrossing with the American Shorthair has influenced the body structure, producing a medium, well-muscled cat. The coat feels harsh and springy. Individual hairs are crimped, hooked or bent, including the hair within the ears and the whiskers. Of the 100-point scale used to describe the ideal cat in the standard, 45 points are assigned to coat - more than any other breed. Beyond the coat, the most visible difference is its very prominent cheekbones.