Australian King Parrot


Females are mostly green with some blue on their rumps, with red on their lower bodies. Adult males have bright plumage, with a red head and chest, bright green back and tail, and bright blue under wings. While Australian king parrots do not tend to be cuddlers, they do enjoy socialization with their flock and/or human families and, when hand-reared, can learn to mimic the language of their owners. However, those who keep them as pets note that socialization can be challenging and it requires time and patience to gain this bird’s trust. They are in demand for aviary settings because of their bright colors and quiet dispositions and their reputation for getting along well, with smaller birds. Australian king parrots are among the least noisy and least destructive parrots.

Behavior / Health Concerns

Australian king parrots are not readily available as pets in most areas, but when they are kept as pets, they are generally gentle, can entertain themselves and are much quieter than many other parrot species. Because these birds are large and have long tails, they require a large amount of space in which to live and play comfortably. This species tends not to prefer being handled, so accustoming the bird to a human’s touch should begin at a very young age. They can bond to people and can make devoted pets. They do well in an aviary setting, too.

Expert Advice

“These are very nice, attractive parrots — not very noisy or messy — though not easy to come by.”

Byron de la Navarre, DVM, Animal House of Chicago, Complete Veterinary Care

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Native Region:
Eastern Australia
16 to 17 inches
Life Expectancy:
25 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability: