British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a stocky purebred that resembles a plush teddy bear. Although blue is the color most associated with the breed, Brits are found in a number of colors and patterns. This sturdy and independent breed is best described as good-natured, calm, loyal, intelligent, reserved, loving, tranquil, dignified and affectionate.

Breed Details

Popular in blue, but available in any color or pattern, with the exception of Himalayan patterns. Chocolate and lavender colors are welcomed in TICA, but not accepted for show in CFA. Striking copper eyes adorn most British colors.

A simple combing a couple of times a week keeps Brits looking their best.

Best Home:

Any loving household suits a British Shorthair. The cats adjust well to children and other pets.

National Breed Club:

The British Shorthair made its show debut at the Crystal Palace of London in 1871, winning Best in Show.


Often referred to as teddy bears that purr, British Shorthairs are even-tempered, loyal and quiet supervisors. They love to be near their owners, but not necessarily on them.


Compact, well-balanced physique with wonderful rounded features, a short, plush, resilient coat and a hint of that famous Cheshire grin.