The Burmese was created in the United States in the 1930s from the breeding of a male Siamese and a brown female cat found on the San Francisco waterfront, believed to have traveled there from Burma. This even-tempered cat displays a sleek and glossy coat of solid sable brown, blue, champagne or platinum. It loves warm laps and enjoys cuddling up in bed, either under the covers or on top of its favorite people.

Breed Details

Sable, Champagne, Blue, Platinum.

Regular petting or an occasional brushing is often all that is required to keep their short coat well groomed.

Best Home:

Craving attention, the breed prefers an interactive household, lots of playtime and plenty of affection from their people. Their perfect family has a multitude of laps for them to enjoy. The breed is very accepting of other animals and children. A good companion for elderly family members.

National Breed Club:

National Alliance of Burmese Breeders; http://www.burmesecat.org


While it is the Burmese's appearance that first may attract notice, it's the breed's personality that inspires lifelong devotion. They are considered incredibly loving, intelligent, people-oriented and inquisitive. A champion cuddler who prefers to sleep under the covers with you, sit in your lap rather than beside you and will drape around your neck or sit on your shoulder. They are devoted to their people and require regular affection and interaction to thrive. Many will play fetch readily and are easily trained. A closed door is a challenge they will work hard to overcome.


A medium-size cat with surprising weight for its size and a glossy, short, close coat. A rounded head, large, expressive golden eyes and sweet expression dominate their appearance.