Egyptian Mau

With characteristics of a wild cat, the Egyptian Mau embodies a spirit reflecting the deity it once was in ancient Egypt. The breed boasts exotic coats of bronze and silver spots and is known as the only naturally spotted domestic cat. Maus possess extraordinary senses of smell, hearing and sight, making them highly alert to their surroundings. Egyptian Maus are sensitive to the needs and feelings of their families, both human and feline.

Breed Details

A loose pouch of skin just before the hind legs allows for extra extension in running and jumping. Accepted colors for show are silver, bronze and smoke, although black and blue do occasionally occur and make lovely pets.

The Mau coat is fairly short and nearly maintenance free. Comb to reduce shedding because vigorous brushing can remove the spots on the ticking at the end of the hair shaft. A soft chamois or silk scarf gives a nice polish to the coat.

Best Home:

The ideal Mau owner pays attention to the cat and gives it lots of special playtime. These cats usually make excellent travelers and are easily leash-trained. Maus know the names of their toys and fetch them when asked. Make sure children know how to properly handle cats because Maus tend to disappear when faced with uncomfortable situations.

National Breed Club:

National Egyptian Mau Club


Maus demonstrate extreme intelligence and fierce loyalty to their families. While gregarious and interactive, they can express shyness with strangers. They love human companionship, but on their own terms. When happy, Maus often express themselves using little chortling sounds and wiggling their tails. Moderately active, Maus love to play with moving things. They have been known to steal judges' toys and refuse to relinquish them.


The Egyptian Mau is the only naturally occurring spotted domestic cat. The spots can appear large or small, but must be randomly placed and distinct from the lighter background color. Dramatic tabby markings include the "M" on the forehead and mascara lines from the eyes to the cheeks. Legs and tail sport multiple bars and rings. At least one necklace adorns the chest area. The cat's body possesses the lean and elegant lines of the cats in Egyptian paintings. Females range from 6 to 8 pounds, while males can weigh up to 12 pounds. Eyes are a gooseberry-green in color.