Havana Brown

The Havana Brown, a breed of medium size and structure, is noted for its dark, chocolate coat. The well-toned, muscular body conveys a sense of power. The first Havana was born in England some 50 years ago when a black “shorthair” Persian had a brief fling with a chocolate point Siamese. Spirited but never impetuous and elegant and graceful in its movements, the Havana is a great player.

Breed Details

Solid colors only. CFA - the Havana Brown is accepted in Brown only. TICA - refers to breed as Havana and accepts both Chocolate and Lilac colors

Unless you plan to show your Havana Brown, it will require very little formal grooming. A good diet will keep the coat shiny and the cat will take care of bathing. A weekly grooming with a rubber brush will help prevent hairballs.

Best Home:

Havana Browns love to follow their humans wherever they go. A sudden crash that might send other cats diving for cover will bring the Havana to investigate. Outgoing and playful, they enjoy a good game of tag even as adults. They do well as only cats, and they can get rather possessive of their person. Breeders find they fit well into the household of the busy professional.

National Breed Club:

International Havana Brown Society; www.havanabrown.org


This sociable, affectionate and intelligent companion instinctively knows when to give and when to demand attention. It is quiet and gentle with a soft voice (most of the time). The Havana Brown often uses its paws to investigate by touching and feeling, as well as using the "wounded paw" technique to elicit sympathy. Quick, agile and playful, this cat thrives on human companionship.


Two features separate the Havana Brown from any other breed. The first, and most obvious is a glistening mahogany-brown coat. Medium short and close lying, it glows with reddish highlights and should be sound to the roots. (TICA accepts lilac Havanas.) The second feature is a distinctive "corn cob" muzzle that appears added to the skull rather than flowing from it. Unlike any other breed of cat, the whiskers are the same brown as the coat. The cat's medium-sized body should be firm and muscular but not tubular like a Siamese. Males tend to be larger, weighing 8 to 10 pounds, while females average 6 to 8. Large, oval green eyes give the cat a sultry look.