With its sloping forehead and distinctive curled ears, the Highlander captures attention with its unique “wild cat” looks. Its substantial body structure and muscular build add to its wild cat mystique, yet this breed is thoroughly domestic.

Breed Details

The Highlander proudly displays spotted patterns in a range of colors, lynx points and solid points.

The breed’s coat comes in both longhaired and shorthaired versions. Enthusiasts say the shorthaired Highlander looks like a little cougar, and the longhaired cat resembles a little lynx.

Best Home:

The Highlander thrives in a home where it can interact regularly with its people.

National Breed Club:

Highlander Breed Group, http://www.highlanderbreeders.com/


A good family pet, the Highlander is intelligent and inquisitive with an ability to take things in stride.


The Highlander features striking “wild-cat” looks, with a spotted coat pattern and gently curled ears.