Check Out This Video Of A Porcupine Fish Entangled In Gill Net Getting Freed

The porcupinefish's mate waits patiently until freedom comes.

A porcupine fish gets freed from a net, as its mate waits patiently Via Coe Sea/Youtube

A black-blotched porcupinefish (Diodon liturosus) was entangled in some abandoned gill netting and was freed by a member of Core Sea, a non-profit that promotes marine conservation in Southeast Asia.

The fish was heavily entangled in the netting, and its mate was waiting patiently outside the netting for it to be free. A Core Sea member, using a broken bottle of all things, works to cut the netting as the mate waits. The entire video is just short of three minutes in length, and as the man continues to cut the netting, the entangled porcupinefish puffs itself up in a sign of stress.

black blotched porcupinefish
Its mate waits patiently until it is freed by the man with the broken bottle. The man finally frees the fish and both the fish and its mate swim off, with the man waving goodbye.


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