Corydoras Catfish Discovered In The 1990s Finally Described

Corydoras eversi is also known as the soda pop cory.

This corydoras catfish, discovered in the 1990s has just been described and given the scientific name Corydoras eversi. Via Springer

A new species of Corydoras catfish from Rio Araguaia, Brazil has been described in the journal of Neotropical Ichthyology. The little catfish is already in the hobby and is known as Corydoras sp. “Guarana.” It is also known as the soda pop cory, according to Amazonas. Its scientific name is now Corydoras eversi.

The fish has been collected just a few times in the wild, the last time being in 1998 when just 30 specimens were collected. Of the 30, 10 were kept by Hans-Georg Evers, who the species is named in honor of. Evers established a breeding group from the 10 he acquired.

The full description of this new species, 18 years in the making, can be found online at the Neotropical Ichthyology website.

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