Everything Is Better With Friends — As Shown By Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs prove that the world is a happier place when shared with friends.

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"Want to be friends?" vantagepointfl/Pixabay

I don’t know about you, but I’m a pretty independent girl who feels fairly confident in stating that no matter how much I enjoy life by myself, I love it even more when it’s spent with my friends. There’s just something about living life surrounded by people who love you that makes it just a little bit better, and here are 11 situations in which these cute little guinea pigs seem to agree with me.

1. Dieting! Who doesn’t need an accountability friend?

2. Although pigging out is also much more fun with friends.

3. Getting a new haircut! Every girl knows that you need your friend’s opinion before you get a new cut!

two guinea pigs
Via ilovebutter/Flickr

4. Starting a band! A band of one is… not a band.

two guinea pigs with instruments
Via Rachel.Adams/Flickr

5. Gardening is a great hobby when you can also use it to grow a friendship.

two guinea pigs by pot of cilantro
Via shimown/Flickr

6. Spa day! Massage anyone? What good are the finer things in life if you have no one to share them with?

two guinea pigs cuddle
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7. Exploring the great outdoors is always better with an adventurous sidekick!

two guinea pigs outside
Via shimown/Flickr

8. Holidays are nothing without the people you love.

9. Running a race is much more fun with a team cheering you on!

10. Of course every good friendship is a delicate balance of give and take.

11. But most of these little guys are off to a great start!

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