Florida Man Drags Shark To Shore For A Photo Opp.

After the photos were taken, the man with the ridiculous man bun leaves it to another man to drag the shark back into the ocean.

This man dragged a shark to shore for a photo opp Screengrab via Ashleigh Walters/WPTV/Facebook

The latest viral video making the rounds on the Interwebs comes at the expense of a shark off the coast of Florida. A man  was shore fishing and captured a shark while another man grabs the shark and rather than quickly release it, decides to drag the shark by the tail,  to shore so he can pose for pictures with some tourists.

After the people get their pictures, the man with the ridiculous man bun let’s go of the shark while another man drags the shark back to the ocean where the shark struggles. It is pushed back to shore by the waves and the video ends.

The video was captured and posted to Facebook by Ashleigh Walters of TV news station WPTV. It is unclear from the video if the shark survived the abuse, but the man with the ridiculous man bun apparently didn’t care too much for the shark because it wasn’t him who dragged the animal back into the ocean.

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