Hamster Picture Fun!

Enjoy chuckling, grinning or groaning at these pictures of cute hamsters.

Who knew hamsters loved jazz? Via hamsters.and.rats/Instagram

Known to be a master of escape and a thief of hearts, the cute, furry hamster is almost irresistible. Whether busy arranging and rearranging its home, stuffing its cheeks with food or snoozing through the day, hamsters are fun to watch and even more fun to photograph. Browse through the unguarded moments of these fuzzy pets, sometimes nicknamed “hammies,” as captured by their owners in photos.

Every hamster photo has a phrase to delight or inspire added to it. We hope you enjoy this hamster picture gallery. Many thanks to the people who sent us their photos and made it possible.

Check back for updated pictures in the future. For a larger version of an image, click the picture or the text below it.

hamster on leopard fabric

I’m secretly a wild one!

hamster eating broccoli

Happy Thanksgiving!

hamster eating treat

Go Ahead, Enjoy A Guilty Pleasure!

hamster with paw raised

Pick Me! I’m Hamtastic!

hamster poking head out of box

Momma Said There Would Be
Days Like This

hamster with doll in toy car

hamster drinking from water bottle

Got Water?

hamster in house

Do Not Disturb! I’m Busy Planning How To Take Over The World In Here

hamster holding up paw

hamster in a toy car

Agent Hamster Will Save The Day!
As Soon As He Can Exit The Car

hamster peeking into gift box

hamster peers out of cage

We Salute & Thank All Our Veterans
Happy Veterans Day!

hamster on toy train

Hop Aboard The Snack Train!

hamster in sandal

If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit…
Play With It!

hamster with rabbit

Friends Come In All Shapes

hamster in purse

Time To Buy Hamster Goodies!

hamster with stuffed cheeks

You’ve Got To Know When To Say When

hamster in cup

Uh Oh, This Cup Has No Brakes!

hamster in snack bag

Secret Snackers Unite!

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