How Old Is My Cat In Human Years?

Veterinary expert Arnold Plotnick, DVM, provides a chart for estimating a cat's age as it compares to a person's age.

Wondering what your cat's age is in human years? Via JeepFoto/Thinkstock


Do cats age the same way as dogs? For example, our cat, Bob, is 2 years old. Does that mean that he is 14 years old in cat years?


The notion that dogs and cats age seven years for every one year is a myth that’s stuck around for years. If you think about it, some cats can live to be 18 or 19 years old. If they aged seven years for every one year, an 18-year-old cat would be equivalent to a 126-year-old person, clearly not very likely.

In my practice, we have at least 10 cats who are over 20 years old, but there are certainly no 140-year-old people. The seven to one rule is just not true. Cats age faster when they’re younger, but this slows down as they get older. At 6 months of age, a female cat already can reproduce. At 1 year of age, cat bones fully stop growing.

This occurs in people at approximately 24 years of age, give or take a few years. So, a 1-year-old cat is roughly equivalent to a 24-year-old person. From that point on, cats age approximately four years for every one year. While this is certainly not an exact science, the table below should offer a reasonable guideline as to how cats age compared to humans.

Cat Age Human Age

6 months   15 years
1 year         24 years
2 years        28 years
3 years        32 years
4 years        36 years
5 years        40 years
6 years        44 years
7 years        48 years
8 years        52 years
9 years        56 years
10 years      60 years
11 years      64 years
12 years      68 years
13 years      72 years
14 years      76 years
15 years      80 years
16 years      84 years
17 years      88 years
18 years     92 years
19 years     96 years
20 years    100 years

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