Husky Throws A Fit When It’s Time To Leave Dog Park

A Husky threw a classic Husky fit when it came time to leave the dog park.

Written by
Stephanie Brown

No dog throws a temper tantrum better than a Husky.

In a video posted to Rumble, a Husky is not ready to leave the dog park and lets everyone know it.

True to Husky form, she fervently objects by wailing and woo-ing, woooo-ing and waaaailing.

The other dogs are all ready to go and wait impatiently by the park gate. The Husky’s human continues to calmly insist that it’s time to go.

“We come every day,” she tells passers-by. You know, because they probably think this dog never gets to go to the park with the way she’s acting.

Eventually the Husky gives up, but something tells us she’ll be right back at it tomorrow.

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