How To Litter Train Your Pet Rat

Follow these steps to litter train your rat.

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Yes, rats can be litter-trained! Zoonar RF/Zoonar/Thinkstock
Audrey Pavia

Rats are clean small animals and can be trained to use a litter box, both inside their cage and when they are out of the cage for playtime. Follow these steps to litter train your rat:

  1. Buy a small rectangular or corner litter box, or use a shallow food storage lid.
  2. Remove bedding from your rat’s cage, placing soiled bedding inside the litter box.
  3. Place the litter box in a spot in your small pet’s cage where it normally eliminates.
  4. Whenever you see your rat using the litter box, praise it and offer a treat.

To teach your rat to use a litter box when it’s outside the cage, leave the cage door open so your rat can return to use the litter box. Or, place the litter box outside the cage in the area where your rat spends most of its time. Be sure to leave soiled litter in the box during the training period so your rat knows where it is.

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