Little Girl With Heart Of Gold Helps Disfigured Cat When No One Else Would

When others saw a monster, a 7-year-old girl saw a helpless animal in need.

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Gülümser the cat probably would've died alone in the streets if it wasn't for a kind little girl who found her and gave her the love she deserves. Via Viktor Larkhill/YouTube
Stephanie Brown

A cat named Gülümser owes her life to a compassionate little girl who gave her a fighting chance when no one else would.

When she was a kitten, Gülümser was left to die on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, Boredom Therapy reports. Ignored by everyone, the kitten was starving and infested with mites.

But then a 7-year-old girl found her, and instead of running away in horror, she rescued the little disfigured cat.


Gülümser was in a terrible state. Via Viktor Larkhill/YouTube

The little girl brought the kitten to her father, and together they rushed her to an animal hospital, where veterinarians were able to help her.


She was nursed back to health. Via Viktor Larkhill/YouTube

They named her Gülümser, which means “smiley” in Turkish.


She is almost unrecognizable as the kitten who was found on the street. Via Viktor Larkhill/YouTube

There is little information available on exactly what Gülümser’s condition was and how she was healed, but her transformation is nothing short of miraculous.


Clearly she is much happier now. Via Viktor Larkhill/YouTube

And it was all made possible by a little person — a child — who chose to help instead of turning the other way.

Watch this video to see more of Gülümser’s transformation:

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