New Guinea Pig Checklist

Use this checklist of things to buy before you bring your new guinea pig home.

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Guinea pigs rely on you for more than food and water, and this checklist can help you get what they need. Via Jay Reed/Flickr
Audrey Pavia
  1. An indoor cage (preferred) or outdoor hutch. An indoor cage should be made from powder-coated wire or coroplast and have a solid bottom with a removable tray. An outdoor hutch should have a wire bottom with 1/3 solid flooring and have a leak-proof roof.
  2. A wooden or plastic nest box for the guinea pig to sleep inside.
  3. An exercise pen, made from wire or hard plastic.
  4. One or two ceramic crock food bowls.
  5. A hanging water bottle for the side of the cage.
  6. A hay rack that hangs on the side of the cage.
  7. Commercial timothy pellets made specifically for guinea pigs.
  8. Fresh green vegetables, thoroughly washed.
  9. Timothy hay.
  10. Safe bedding made from recycled paper, aspen or corn cob.
  11. Wooden chew blocks for gnawing.
  12. Toys such as balls made for cats, empty toilet paper rolls, small boxes, PVC pipe.
  13. A travel carrier made for small animals.
  14. A soft brush for grooming.
  15. Nail trimmers designed for cats or human infants.
  16. And, yes, as noted in the comments, vitamin C is critical to guinea pigs.
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