New Pufferfish Species Described

Arothron multilineatus is named after the white lines that course throughout its skin.

Arothron multilineatus is described from fish collected in Japan but the fish is wide ranging throughout much of the Indo Pacific. Via Springer

Researchers have described a new pufferfish species that has apparently been living right out in the open. The fish, Arothron multilineatus was described from four specimens collected in Japan, but it widely distributed throughout much of the Indo-West Pacific Ocean, including the Red Sea, according to the researchers who describe the species.

The fish has a dark greenish brown head and body. with white coloration that resembles coral lines, that run throughout its body, including all of the fins. Multilineatus  refers to these white lines. The belly is white. The fish is about 20 inches in length.

The pufferfish were observed at depths ranging from 10 to 25 meters by SCUBA divers in the Ryukyuk islands’ Amami-Oshima. They were swimming along the sandy bottom at the time of their observation.

The full research paper can be found online at

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