ORA Raises 12 Ruby Red Dragonets

While the species has been known to science for a while, it has not yet been fully described.

The first aquacultured Ruby Red Dragonets from ORA. Via ORA/Facebook

Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums (ORA) announced that it has successfully captive bred 12 ruby red dragonets (Synchiropus sp. ) from the facility’s first fertilized spawn. According to ORA, the fish larvae were smaller and grew much slower than other dragonet species. They are also pelagic spawners and as of yet, have not been formally described in science. ORA fed the fry Parvocalanus copepods and artemia of varying stages of development, the company said on its Facebook page.

ruby red dragonet
ORA has successfully captive bred 12 ruby red dragonets.

The ruby red dragonets are best kept in pairs, according to ORA, as males will fight other males over females. There is no word yet as to when these fish will be available in the hobby as these are ORA’s first successful batch.


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