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1 month ago

I have fostered for this rescue for over a year and have successfully placed over 20 dogs for them and only heard wonderful feedback. I am still in contact with quite a few of the adopters and they had a great experience with the rescue. It is sad to see bad reviews because the dogs are like children to the owners and they take the adoptions very seriously. I think people also don't realize that their license is at stake if they don't stick to very stringent rules and parameters and vetting schedules. The state requires certain vetting to be done and they are accountable to show proof of it. If they are shut down, no more dogs are pulled, end of story (literally probably the end of the dogs story). I certainly did have a home check per PACFA regulations and have personally conducted home checks for fosters to be placed. Its impossible to please everyone but be assured the dogs best interest are really at heart with them and they take very good care of their dogs.


1 month ago

I've been fostering (volunteering) for this rescue for about a year


11 months ago

Although the intitial impression was fine, we ended up finding that this company was unprofessional and unrealisitic. When we started to have problems with the dog (biting), per their protocol, we called them but had no response. As the problems continued we began to see more of their unprofessional through their attitude of blaming us for the problem. Ultimately they broke our hearts because we had not filled out one piece of the paperwork.

Christy Cork

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