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"Abby" CKC,female, black&tan, ch.bloodlines, 3oz, teacup, 3-10-15, yorkie.$1200. Warranty, vitamins, tail/dewclaws done, vet exam, Royal Canin food kit, treat, toy, blanket, bow and all baby pics. Shipping $350. from Indianapolis, In.

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12 months ago

MISREPRESENTATION at its best!! I am giving one start because I can't give none. I paid $1,200 for a chocolate teacup poodle. I was given a small toy poodle, black and white. I have tried numerous times to resolve this with Jan Coy of @ J. Shane Rentals (, however, now she will not answer my calls. Her initial and only response was that I got a "small dog, didn't I?" and "your little girl lover her, doesn't she?" and "when she gets her eyes open, it may show up the brown better." The now 11 month old black poodle is 6 pounds, roughly double what she should be, and has a high liver enzyme count that was detected at 6 weeks old when she was to be spayed. This same breeder who stated she raises her puppies underfoot in the home, not in a kennel, also seems to advertise sales of Chinese Cresteds, Yorkies, Poodles, and other larger dogs. In my opinion, this is a puppy mill, interested in making money and not breeding quality dogs.

Bonnie Pearce

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