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Grafton, WI

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4 months ago

DANGER!!! BEWARE!!! This organization is not to be trusted!!!!!!! Dawn Boeselager, the head of this "Rescue" is a real piece of work. I got a bad feel about her from the start, but we fell in love with our puppy, Nacho, as soon as we brought her home so we decided to grin a bear it. We put up with her obnoxious attitude because we loved our puppy and our puppy was very happy with us. I should note that the other two reps were very nice and friendly. Don't be fooled! They can't/won't help you in the end. No one seems to be able to stand up to Dawn and tell her she is wrong. Here is our sad puppy tale. We passed all the criteria, the background check, the vet check... We were cleared to see their dogs and brought Nacho home for our mandatory "foster-to-adopt" 5-day period. We informed Tailwaggers911 of our desire to adopt this puppy at the end of the 5 days and Ange came to do our home inspection a few days later. She said we passed and welcomed us to the Tailwaggers family. She took our family photo for the Happy Tails section of their web site (the pic was even posted on their web page the day after). She told us for legal purposes she could not take the contracts and payment with her and that we should mail it to Dawn directly or she would come pick it up. The following is the email we received later that evening: "**** Family, Attached is your happy tail picture. Thank you for allowing me into your home to complete your home visit. I know that Nacho is doing well, and is very loved and taken care of with your family. Please remember to send me the details about her wisdom panel once you get the results! I am so curious as to what her mix is :) I wish you a very happy life together. Remember, that you are always a part of the Tailwaggers family and we are here to help if you need us and we would love updates and pictures from time to time. Congratulations again, Ange" I am including this letter because I think anyone who pursues a dog through this agency should know that their dog will never be "theirs" for sure. Dawn came the next day, before my husband got home from work. I thought she was there to get the paperwork. She came into our house and took our puppy away. She said we could not afford her and would not take our payment. She would not discuss the matter and tried to push me over to leave our house. My kids were freaked!!! When her yelling turned to her hand on my clothes and around my neck I called 911. The police came and almost arrested her for pushing them. Belligerence, verbal and physical abuse aside, the police said that since she had not taken payment for the dog it was still legally hers and if we did not give Nacho back to her she could sue us for everything we own. Our hearts are broken and I find myself leery to be in my yard, least she come back in retaliation of my sharing this experience. But I am sickened at the thought of another family hurting the way we are now. I just can't say "beware" enough! I urge you not to trust them!


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