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1607-1657 Venusaur

Pit Bull Terrier

3 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Female

Virginia Beach, VA


Thank you for your interest in our adoptable animals. If you would like more information about this pet, see the Shelter information below. We would love to help you rescue a perfect pet!

Venasaur wears a crown. She doesn't realize it, and most people won't recognize it, but it's clear to me that she's a princess. Someone inflicted pain on this pretty lady to give her a "look" what they got instead of a mean looking dog is a timid girl with lopsided ears that we have decided will be her crown and that the right person will be able to look beyond the hack job on her ears and see the beautiful princess that wears them. Venasaur is about 4 years old if I had to guess. She's a bit thin, having come into the shelter shortly after having pups. She shows the signs of having had a few litters and as I love the mommy dogs I decided to bring her home for the weekend to learn more about her (and because I get a couple days to love on her away from the shelter). My husband says she is the saddest dog I have ever brought home and I think he may be right. She's lost. She's trying to fit in, but she really doesn't know how just yet. I get to see a spark every once in a while and I know she's got it in her, she just doesn't feel comfortable enough yet to sparkle like I know she will do. All that being said, she will need to go to a family that will be patient. She's a doll and she's certainly worth it. Things I've found about this princess include the fact that she seems to be house trained and she does know the most basic of commands. She's good in the car, but she needs to be tethered as she wants to be so close to you that she will try to get in your lap. She was completely happy to stand on the console next to my seat and watch the world go by with each drive we have taken. She snores and every once in a while she will snort. Brownie points on cuteness right there! She's hungry, all the time. You will be her best friend if you just feed her all day! She's still trying to get her figure back post pups. She's an easy dog in the house, not very demanding. She attaches herself to one person and becomes their shadow. In my home that person has been me. She isn't needy. She doesn't beg for rubs or runs. She just wants to be near and touch me. She is very scared of my husband, which is interesting as he's a great dog loving guy. I was wondering if it was only him but she has been scared of every man we have come into contact with this weekend. She cowers and tucks her tail and backs away. She's not mean, she's just scared. Please take that into consideration if you think you may be interested in her. More time and patience will be needed to a home with a male. She pulls on her leash, but she's not bad, she's just unsure of everything right now. I took her to the beach to meet a friend with a bomb proof boy dog last night and after a slow introduction they spent the next hour walking side by side down the beach like old friends. She loves the water! She walked right into the bay like she'd done it all her life! Venasaur is a good girl. She breaks my heart because I know whatever caused her to be so timid is still in her head. I'd love to see a family adopt her that is going to be in it for the long run. Give her time to trust you and she will be your sidekick for life! She would love a place where she can snuggle in the bed with someone...yes, we have snuggled. I couldn't resist, she is, after all, a princess. She will probably be good with most dogs given a slow introduction. I do think she will do best with calm dogs though, as she's nervous and nervous dogs seems to make her uncomfortable. So she's got a lot going on. A lot of good and a few things that will take some time and patience. So easy going families only, please. Venasaur can be meet now at Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center, 341 S Birdneck Road. You can meet her in the medium dog adoption room or ask for her by name and ID# 1607-1657 and we will bring her out to meet you and the family! Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about this cutie!

Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center has wonderful pets available for adoption. As of December 6, all animals are now at the new shelter at 341 Birdneck Road. The former shelter on Leroy Drive is now closed. If you have lost a pet, please visit the shelter in person and often as lost animals arrive everyday.
Contact Information:
Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center, 341 Birdneck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Phone 757-385-4444 (x 2) NOTE: In order to help process your request for information faster, please refer to the animal's intake number, shown next to the photo, rather than the name. This will assist us in locating the information about the animal you are referring to. All our animals are up-to-date on vaccinations and if unaltered, the animal will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption. You do not have to be a resident of Va. Beach to adopt a pet. Please visit these wonderful animals today!

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