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6 boys

Domestic Short Hair

2 years, 4 months

Redding, CA


Ebony: neutered male, vaccinated. Brother to Trinity n Gizmo, about a year and a half old. Friendly, shy of strangers. Likes petting, being in lap, and snuggling in bed. Has left eye issue, like Gizmo but not as bad.
Gizmo: Trinty's brother. Neutered male, vaccinated, about one and a half yrs old. Has issue with right eye, lower eyelid folds in, vet pulls it back into place, but it folds in again. May be fixed with surgery. Gentle kitty to treat his eye, kinda shy, loves to snuggle in bed at night. Indoor kitty.
Polley: (as in Rolley Polley), about 1 yr old, neutered male, not yet vaccinated, short haired, orange tabby with pale green eyes. Was an outdoor kitty, currently indoors, very friendly, likes attention, and likes to play.
Trinity: Neutered male, vaccinated. About 1 and a half yrs old. Very loving!! Shy with strangers. Has special needs, requires Hills Science Diet c/d cat food for urinary care.
Tummers: brother to Gizmo n Trinity, about a year n a half, neutered male, vaccinated, friendly, loves chicken!
Winky: neutered male, vaccinated, about a year old, short haired orange tabby, very friendly.

These kitties are listed on our website as a courtesy. To learn more about them and how to adopt them, please contact Lori @ (530) 736-5003 directly.

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Redding, CA

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