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American Staffordshire Terrier

3 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Female

Rosenberg, TX


The Amazing Gracie is an adorable girl. She is happy and well adjusted. I don't know her background, but someone had put some time and love into this girl. She is full of love and kisses.
She LOVES riding in cars. She would be so happy if she could go for a car ride every day. She gets along very well with my female Wheaten and dogs we meet out walking. She will bark at dogs that walk by the front yard. We are working on that.
She's a strong girl and was a challenge to walk until I started using a harness with a front ring. Now there's no issue. We walk several times a day and she is very well behaved. She does like chasing lizards though so be ready for her to pull you a little bit every now and then when she spots a lizard.
Gracie is house trained and crate trained. I work from home. She's with me during the day and sleeps in the crate at night. I'm sure she would readily adapt to sleeping in the bed if that were offered. She likes the crate AND she sleeps in in the morning. Most of the day she just hangs out with me in the office.
I have 4 cats. Initially Gracie didn't pay any attention to them. Recently she has started chasing them if they run. She responds immediately when I verbally correct her. If you have cats, be prepared to continue the training and to keep her separate from the cats until everyone has worked it out.
Gracie "sits" and "comes" on command and responds to Uh-huh. She is learning "stay" and "down". She's a fast learner and is food motivated. So far she hasn't shown any interest in toys or playing fetch. We keep trying.
Gracie is an absolutely beautiful girl and is exceptionally well behaved - especially when you consider that she had been a long-term shelter resident. She has lots of love to give and will bring lots of joy to your home.
Update 9/28
Gracie continues to get better and better every day. She's becoming a big "leaner" and cuddler. She likes to sleep in in the morning with her head on my tummy. She is just so happy. She loves "kongs" filled with peanut butter and oatmeal. That's her favorite part of the evening.
She is getting better at "Stay" and we are now working on "Down". She has a lot of energy now that the weather is cooling down and she's getting more comfortable. We took her for a two mile bike ride this morning. She was running full out and keeping up with no problems. We got home and she's been napping most of the day.
Update 10/4
Wow. What a great week for Gracie. We spent the week down at the beach in Galveston. Every morning we rode bikes and Gracie got a couple of good miles of running in every day. She loved it! If you like to bike or run, she would make a great work out partner.
She's filling out nicely. You can just barely see her ribs now. She's still happy to see the food bowl, but I think she's starting to relax a little and not feel like she has to eat everything in one gulp. She did find a few dead fish on the beach that she tried to eat. I was a little hesitant at first to take them away from her...but she let me take them away from her with no problems. I've been able to take bones and other items away from her as well with no issue. She would rather I didn't take things away, but she doesn't react at all when I do.
Gracie spent most of the day on Saturday with an 8-year old little girl running her around the house and playing with her. They had a blast. Gracie was infinitely patient and full of kisses. I would like to see her around more children, but the few times she has been with kids, she has been nothing but attentive, considerate and kind.
Big news this week...Gracie started playing with toys! She's chasing balls and other toys. She plays with us and she plays by herself. It's so good to see her having fun!
Update 10/12
Gracie continues to blossom. She's got such a fun, happy, playful spirit and a real desire to please.
This week she learned the command, "look at me". It's a great way to get her attention and get her focused on you rather than say...a squirrel or her food bowl. She is now sitting and waiting patiently to be fed. She is learning and respecting boundaries in the house. She knows she can't come into the bedroom so she sits outside the door on a little rug and just watches through the door way. It's super cute.
And best of all - her ribs don't show through any more and her coat is getting nice and shiny.

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