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Medium  |  Female

Beverly Hills, CA


I’m Tesla, a very mannered lady. I won’t enter a room without your permission, I won’t walk ahead of you. I’ll turn back and look up to make sure you’re okay before I take the next step down the stairs. I'll follow you to the door and be excited when you get back, but I won’t throw a tantrum when you leave. I definitely won’t mess with your stuff. I’ve been complimented many times for one of my best features- my beautiful white comb of eyelashes. If you aren’t into slobber, don’t worry- I’m not a licker. With other dogs, I let them be themselves and do their thing. I won’t go after their food, and I’m okay with hanging back to let other dogs have their turn getting attention.
There’s one thing that no one taught me, that’s my favorite thing in the world. When someone’s touching me, giving me that wonderful feeling- I play it cool, looking calm. Then they think they’re done, and that's when I do it- I take my paw up, oh so gently, lift it towards them. It's my way of saying thank you, and to let them know I’m always up for more. Especially coming from a woman like me, it's really cute.
I don't think I was touched enough where I'm from. For the seven years of my life til now, I've been just yearning for a pat on the head. Really, every time you pet me I get the best feeling in the world. Even if it’s just the very edge of your knuckle grazing my soft warm head, my body fills with contentment. I’m addicted to soft caresses. It’s nice when it happens with a stranger, but with someone who has taken me home, the pleasure of this interaction grows more each day. You can see it in how I will finally let my tail go free, and wag, “Thank you! Thank you!”

Tesla was rescued from the South Central LA Shelter by Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue. She is about 4 years old and weighs about 56 pounds. She gave birth while at the shelter and all her puppies found homes but she is still looking! She is such a sweetheart and living with lots of foster brothers and sisters! She gets along with small and large dogs!

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Beverly Hills, CA

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