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11 months
Small  |  Female

Austin, TX



Please contact Paula ( for more information about this pet.

Abie was named Annabelle by her original rescuer. Everytime I called her that she would give me a dirty look so I started calling her Abie (AB) instead. She seemed to like that version of her name.
Abie is going to need a patient person who understands shy cats and is willing to put in the work to earn her trust. She is beautiful and has an adorable little meow. She LOVES three things: wet food, fluffy mice toys and other kitties. With patience and time I am now able to pick her up and love on her. It takes her a bit to relax but she likes her chin scratched and her cheek rubbed just below her whiskers, both of these get her to purr.
Abie is not for just anyone and I will be very thorough in my search to place in her the right home. No young children! Abie will strike out with her claws and attempt to bite if she is super scared so we will not place her in a home with young children.
If you are interested please reach out to her Foster Mom and she will decide if you are the right home for the beautiful but shy Abie.

Adopt Me
Austin, TX

(512) 354-7875

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