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9 years, 1 month
Medium  |  Female

Minneapolis, MN


Adoption Fee $275

Meet Adelaide!

Adelaide is an extremely sweet, gentle little girl who loves both people and dogs alike. She is just looking for someone to share her love with. This petite little doll has the most charming personality. And just look at her cute little stumpy tail!!

From Adelaide's foster:

Addy is doing great. When she came to us, she was so very timid and nervous. She's really come along with her confidence and has relaxed. We are working diligently to reassure her that people can be trusted, through lots of gentle petting, soothing voices, praise, etc. She is invited to sleep on the bed but often defers to our other pups who stake out a claim on the bed.... so she usually chooses to sleep on a dog bed on the floor in our bedroom.

Here are some of her attributes:

*gives kisses when she is lavished with attention :)
*comes running to you when you call "Addy" and whistle loudly - both outdoors and indoors
*never jumps up on people. never!
*does not beg for food at the dinner table, but sits nicely when offered a doggie treat
*very quiet - the only time we've heard her bark was at a chipmunk who was teasing her from the birdfeeder
*housetrained - does all her potties outside - when taken outdoors and told "go potty" she always does her business right away
*does fine in a crate - goes in crate nicely and sits in there quietly without making a peep - no signs of anxiety in her crate
*very "low profile" - you'd hardly notice she was in your home (no begging, no barking, no jumping up, etc)
*excellent with our kids (ages 7 and 9)
*submissive to other dogs
*has never tried to jump our 4' fence
*stands back when a door is opened and waits to be invited through
*rides in a car quietly
*has met several of our friends and relatives, and stands back yet wags her stumpy little tail in hesitant anticipation :)
*walks beautifully on a leash without pulling (she only pulls if she spies a chipmunk or squirrel LOL)
*overall just a real sweetheart

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Minneapolis, MN

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