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Miniature Pinscher

8 years, 6 months
Small  |  Female

Minneapolis, MN


Adoption Fee 250.00 Plus Tax

Aeon would like nothing better than to have her very own person to love! If you’re a woman who is looking for more than just a family pet – if you want a devoted cuddle-bug that would follow you to the moon and back - then Aeon’s your girl.

Aeon can be a bit skittish at first, but warms up quickly. She’s a little intimidated by men, but can be affectionate with them once she gets acquainted. She is definitely partial to women, so her primary human should be a lady.

She does fine with other dogs, but in a two dog house, she would prefer that the other dog have their own person so that she doesn’t have to share! She’s not aggressive towards other dogs, but she will literally walk over them to get to you, so it’s best if she doesn’t have to compete.

This sweet lady came from a hoarding situation, and as a result, she’s somewhat insecure and tries a little too hard for her person’s attention. With time and trust, she should become more secure and confident.

She is BESIDE herself with joy when you come home and let her out of her kennel and give her pats. Aeon has a beautiful grin that she can’t contain when her person is near! She won’t want to let you out of her sight, and she would LOVE it if you would let her sleep in bed with you at night. She especially loves cuddling close with her person.

Aeon’s a sun dog, and will often flop to the ground and present her tummy for tummy rubs when taken out in the sun. She’s house-trained, but, like most dogs, may have the occasional accident inside if she doesn’t get out in a reasonable time frame.

She may be 8 years old and have a few white hairs, but she is a young and energetic 8! She will need daily walks to keep her energy manageable.

This girl is a little bit afraid of cats and while curious, mostly leaves them alone. She IS, however, fascinated by bunnies and squirrels and would happily chase them given the opportunity, so she should stay leashed when outside, unless she’s in a fenced yard.

Aeon has SO much love and devotion to give to the right woman. If you want a dog with whom to form a mutual-adoration club, then give this girl a chance!

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