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Akane CC

Redbone Coonhound

4 months
Large  |  Female

Marathon, RI



This dog is NOT offered for adoption by Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA). This dog is solely a courtesy posting for another rescuer.
Adoption Donation $ 440
Location/Fostered: in AR (Transport costs are included, please ask for more details)
Age: 10 weeks as of 9/11/16
Greetings everyone,
My name is Akane. In Japanese it means “Brilliant Red”. My 2 brothers, Phoenix and Lootah are the same reddish orange and my third brother, Roderick is a sunset reddish- brown color. We are orphans who were found in a deer hunting camp a few weeks ago. Someone with no one around, dumped all 4 of us out there. I just do not know if they were hoping someone would find us or if we would just learn how to survive on our own or what? But thankfully this nice man who owns the deer camp came to make sure the camp is clean and ready for when season starts found us. He called his wife to bring some food, water bowls, flea and tick medicine (we were infested) and a crate. They were so kind to us for we had been out there long enough to be skinny. They scooped all 4 of us up and brought us home. After we were bathed, fed and tucked in a nice soft blanket they called my foster mom. She could not take us right then for she already had tons of orphans. So the people who rescued us agreed to foster us until a space was open.
On September 11, we moved into the rescue with our new foster mom. How much fun this place is. Lots of orphans of all ages. Everyone greeted us with tails wagging and happy barking. We were not scared. A little shy but this is all. After a good night sleep our first day here was so much fun. These pictures were taken. I am a happy, social girl who likes other dogs and am learning people are all right and like to give me kisses and hugs. I have a lot of energy and am very active. I cannot wait until my furever family chooses me and adopts me. We have been hearing about everyone who has gone before us to their new homes. Some go hiking, camping, walking, to the beach, swimming and even to ball games. Not sure what this means, but I would like to find out. Please put an application along with a deposit so I can come home soon.

Please email for more information on this dog:
This dog is NOT offered for adoption by Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) but an Arkansas rescue partner. Please contact them directly for more information.

Adopt Me
Marathon, RI

(401) 234-4499

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