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American Staffordshire Terrier

Large  |  Female

Denton, TX


Allie was found in 2012 on a busy street and brought home to her foster’s house. She was then estimated at about a year old. Allie proved to be a very loving and sweet girl. To provide her with canine companionship another dog was added to the family and they got along wonderfully, played well and loved on each other.
But in October 2014, during a period of chaos during construction work on the home, Allie and her friend got into a scuffle that became pretty serious. For several months they were kept separated, but during a recent re-introduction the troubles began again. We still know Allie is a wonderful dog, but she will likely need to be the only dog in your family!
She loves to have her stomach rubbed, and to go for walks on a leash. Or, she’s happy just sitting at the door looking inside at me while her foster works in the kitchen. Allie likes take a jerky treat and be chased with it in her mouth (she thinks it's great fun!), and loves to walk beside me around the yard. She loves to sit next to me (and tries to get in my lap) while having her head rubbed go for walks on a leash. She is always cheerful and full of life. Allie’s quite athletic, and has learned to enjoy jumping on the trampoline. She loves being near me while I work in my garden.
She’s not been exposed to small children. She’s been outdoors with a pool, but is afraid to go past the first step! She does refresh herself by laying on the first step but will not go further in the water.
If you feel your home might be the right place for this wonderful dog, the place to start is with the adoption application found at Once submitted, the foster will contact you to tell you more, and to arrange a meeting! The adoption fee for all of our dogs is $250.00, which includes their vaccinations and spay/neuter.
"Allie is a participant in the DFW Rescue Me Guest Dog Program, so custody and ongoing care are provided by the foster, not by DFWRM."

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Denton, TX

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