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Stafford, TX


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Allie, Collie Mix, 40 lbs, 2 years old as of 2/14/2016
(#4 photo is of Allie as a puppy)
Super sweet, active, playful, great with dogs, cats and just loves human companionship. Allie is perfectly crate trained and happily goes in and out when asked. Allie needs a home with tile or wood floors in case she has an accident due to her special needs. So far Allie is very good with house training as long as she is let in and out regularly. Some mornings she has pooped in her crate but she avoids it and its easy cleanup. Allie loves to run, play with the other dogs and chase birds. Allie stands and walks great on all 4 legs though when she overdoes it or gets to running too fast she can start to drag her rear leg thus sometimes getting dirty from my flower beds. Allies is a delightful dog with an infectious smile and wants to please. Allie was adopted and recently returned due the adopters serious health issues requiring hospitalization. Allie is looking for a home with some dogs and a family to entertain this special girl.
Special Needs:
HCR took Allie in at 4 months of age and spent thousands of dollars with MRI's and specialists only to learn that Allie has a subarachnoid cyst between her spinal column and the sheath that covers (L1 ). It is compressing her nerves and also pushing the bones behind it apart. Highly unusual for this to happen, can be congenital or result of trauma. We've even received reports from expert radiologist to verify findings since this is so unusual. Doctors have confirmed any surgery would be very risk and could leave her paralyzed since they'd have to cut on spinal column sheath to open cyst and relieve pressure. Additionally there is not guarantee the cyst would not return after surgery.

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